How much do you love yourself?


I love you more than anybody in this planet, I can do anything for you, I  am not like others, I care about you and on and on if you are familiar with these phrases then congrats you been as the most selfish person in the world on your own ranking. You been confessing those stuff to other person but never said those stuff to yourself but you are familiar with the fact that you,YOURSELF  is the only one person in this world whom must be loved by you, cared by you, respected by you, cherished by you and ultimately provided most attention by you but what you are doing is the piece of shit and the worthless confessing to the person who doesn't even care who the fuck you are.

So do you think you really love yourself?? Ok even if you love yourself, you are likely to underestimate your most valuable assets and those assets are nothing other than your own emotions, feelings and vibes. If you have never let yourself down yourself even if the circumstances didn't favour your decision if you have always put yourself first no matter what was the condition you had been then believe me dear folks that you have done a great job and that's the ideal symptom that you truly love yourself and I wanna tell you guys to keep pushing like that.

After having a quick glance at the above words you had definitely got the absurd question in your head that," How to love yourself?"
The simple answer to this question is, if you wanna love yourself then you have to know yourself at your best and to know yourself you have to be through your bruises and broken sad soul and ask it, did I hurt you, my love?? then only you are going to be the person who knows yourself the most, and after that only you could proceed to love yourself. Putting yourself down for those mofos is going to devastate your inner self and believe me you are the worst person in this world according to you so give a little care for yourself.

So lads be careful while nourishing your inner soul cuz if that stuff is unhappy then there gotta zero meaning in your life even if you achieve great milestones in your life.

#youarebeautifulwithyourscars  #youarethebest  


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