Beauty-A ruthless standard



I know I know mate I know I had intensely disappointed you, maybe desperately slapped on your expectation and I also know you may have grown the amenity towards me and even wanna report my article as spam and I know why, it's because for most of the people around the planet the beauty refers to perfect slim figure, clear face with a lot of freaking chemical called as makeup and mainly the ultimate feature fairness. But it lies underneath your skin. But are those the only stuff that will embark your beauty in this materialistic world or there other factors too that determine as well as sparkle your beauty? at present time our perspectives for beauty is a little bit messed up...aren't they? that's why let's have a bit deep dive into this matter.

So after a quick glance at the above futile words, the question may arise in your mind, "do only women get beauty sickness?" Actually we boys are too get seriously judged based on our appearance and even got hurt so badly and still we stand like a statue without a single feeling but we know how those affected our mindfulness. But mates, women are most likely to get commentary about their physical appearance from friends, from romantic partners, from sometimes complete strangers and even our beloved family too. But in this regards do you know what hurt the most? the culture where we get bombarded by the message that physical appearance is directly proportional to your level beauty. So sad isn't it?? yeah of course beauty somehow determined by physical appearance, and I seriously admit that fact but don't you think it's a bit more exaggerated and over-rated.

I am not talking about the instance when you got rejected by someone just because of your physical impression, I am talking about that instances when you got such cheap and mean comments from those whom you never expected to received such stuff from, from those who are a complete stranger to you still their words goes like, "xyaa kati kalo/kali ho!",uff kasto motey raixa,esko tw bed pain vachinxa hola yo sutda!", "kasto moti ho khada khadai ghar ko chamal nai sakkayo hola esley tw", "xi kasto pimples Haru hun yesko face mah" and on and on. And definitely, this dismantled our inner soul, we feel like we are just another unwanted pile on this earth, absolutely this feeling pops up on our mind.


So vivek you told us how we feel and yeah that's completely true we got judged knowingly or unknowingly and yeah we admit the fact that what others think is none of our business but vivek what could we do so that we don't get judged like that and also how to prevent beauty sickness??

Before knowing the answer you must acknowledge the truth that "your body is not only for exhibiting but for doing stuff which will make yourself proud and worth your mother pain while giving birth to you. We are not here worrying about the abs or your biceps or your fairness or your weight or your height and so on, what you must worry about is education, career, family, relationship, state of your mind, the health of your inner soul etc. and another ultimate way is to know yourself as much as you can so that before you got broke down when someone came up to you with mean comments you just stay calm and say, "I am so freaking beautiful."

I also feel like the society we lived in also affect our mental health in this regards a lot. While talking on the matter of getting hurt how can we forget those TV ads about fairness creams which clearly show how narrow-minded our society is in terms of beauty. Here I also wanna bombard your mind with another serious and harsh truth that if you gotta chance to choose between dark or fair skin then definitely without any shame you are going to choose fair, not only you dear me too going to do so..isn't it so excruciating subject to get concerned, hmm? That's why pals just put the opinions of the world aside and jump deep into the ocean of your own little "Sansar", where you are the only one who is going to put forward opinions about yourself and I am pretty much sure that you are going to have positive as well as optimistic regards about your appearances.

 Now taking everything into consideration, I just wanna ask you to really thinks about what really means and remember you have the choice to be your own beauty, to be your own adorable that's why I am challenging you to choose wisely and how you will love yourself. and keep in mind since we differ in personalities, a singular definition appears insufficient for your beauty.






“Who you want, and who you need, are sometimes two different people.”


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