Embracing your flaws


"Be your own reason to smile."

"Kati motey ho k yo" though this phrase composed of some absurd words seem so hilarious for those who are in their perfect shape but believe me mates this very...absurd phrase feels like a heart-rending knife ruthlessly stabbed on a belly for those folks who have added some unwanted piles of fat on their body unwantedly. At this present time, we all seek social validation and attention-seeking is also emerges as a serious issue in today's world it's so hard for us to embrace the flaws and bruises we possess just because we got the fear of not getting enough attention and ultimately this is so depressing.

All those cheap comments we received from those so-called perfect people and that traumatic feeling we get might even own the power to kill our inner soul mercilessly. It feels so depressing when we receive the comments like, "kasto haddi ho khana pani diney rainxan Kyo gharma", "kasto dherai pimples aako bai tesko face mah", "oey herna kasto Chau Chau jasto Kapal tesko tw", "herna tesko face mah kasto kalo dag xah xyaa"....these comments are not only depressing but much more embarrassing too mostly when they came from the person you trust and love the most. Exactly what they gain from these is the stuff that always remains beyond my thinking capacity. 

And right after a glance at this stuff, a common question arises in everyone's mind,

"How to cope with this sort of  traumatic judgements?"

Firstly you need to admit that those flaws in you aren't chosen by you neither they are with you with your consent. And secondly, you also have to appreciate the fact that those cheap comments and cheap commenters have nothing to do with your flaws they are just unsecured freak and trying to feel confident and grab that fooking attention for which we all crave through criticism which will totally engulf them unknowingly. So what you need to do is just appreciate the whole you rather than listening to those rubbish shit which never gonna change. And never forget to love yourself.

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  1. Yes sir .
    Mali ne vanxan kati dublo ho ta ghara khana dinnan ra. !!!!??

  2. Love to see so much growth and amazing work that you have put on here!! Keep it up

    1. all credit goes to ing skill academy and amazing mentors like you dee(especially you and baibhavi dee )