Friendship❤-Way for Redemption from Sorrows

"In sathi, I find second self"

"SATHI" after a quick glance at this word whose face appears on your mind?? This could be one of the crucial moment for yourself cause the person whose memory got refresh while asking yourself this question is the person to whom your heart consider to be a most loyal fellow of yours.

Your "YAAR" won't tell you how robust and successful he/she is rather he will trust you and confess his failings, sorrows, embarrassing stuff without a single hesitation That's why it is well said that, "True friend tell good stuff behind your back and bad stuff to your face." Do you remember that moment with your friend when you stole ""litchi from your ximeki" That "litchi choreko pal" is going to be one of the most profound memories with your friend. Dear guys remember the friendship doesn't expect anything from you except that loyalty and Kailai naxutney sath. Needless to say but your true pals know your weakness but trust me they are going to show you strength and that's could be the cause why the attachment between friends is purest in the world where there is always love, care, fun and zero percent enmity.

Do you wanna be familiar with the meaning of true friendship, dear folks??

Actually, the true meaning of friendship is when you consider the other person emotions and craziness to be as precious as your own. Yeah, that's why loyal fella is hard to discover so cherish them if you found one. "BEST GIFT FOR FRIENDSHIP DAY", "BEST QUOTES ON TRUE FRIENDSHIP"  I know you are familiar with these keywords which you surf during friendship day but I found this the most heartbreaking moment cause you are with your diamond-like friend and still you audaciously searching for some futile stuff just to display that how much you care about that fella. Nah folks Nah the only thing he/she wants from you is that"Kailai naxutney sath"

I  am pretty sure that "thela ko ekdam Piro chatpate" which you and your fellow pals eat with the boogers on your nose but still how delicious it taste during that moment and an intense feeling pop up on your mind thinking, "wish I could freeze this moment and just live this moment for my entire life" but earnestly tell me "sathi" did that "chatpate" tastes the same when you go through it alone. Definitely no...isn't it? 

Are you well known with the truth that the, loyal amity is not rocket science neither quantum physics but just an understanding and never-ending strong covalent-like bond between each other. Someone had told me that friendship is like peeing on your pants, everyone can see it and call you uncivilized but only you feel a warm feeling inside.

How easily we forgot each and every sorrow when we around our colleague, that's so surprising, Once one friend was so sad and feeling bad then his best guy told him that I promise I will sing for you then we can discuss what's worse?? These sort of life-changing and intensifying moments are common when the bond between your folks is covalent rather than ionic one.

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That "jhol momo khako moment" also hit so hard when you are far from your sathi and all the memories pop up giving the freaking goosebumps to us. And at that moment the following verse from the song "SATHI" of Sushant KC hits you on another sagacious level-

Samjhana baki cha hamra ti pal ko
Sangai na hola hami tara saath sadhai bhar ko
Samjhana baki cha hamra ti pal ko
Sangai na hola hami tara saath sadhai bhar ko

Therefore the true sathi is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forgot and we always got that goosebumps while reminiscing the memories from those days when you are so befikrey and just vibing with your sathi, so compromise if it can strengthen your friendship, this with it. And never ever forget that, 

"Either you are just a piece of shit or a robust and triumphant fellow neither of the stuff ain't gonna affect the bond created between two true folks"

That why it goes like 


So never stop applying efforts to strengthen the bond between you.

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Friendship starts at the moment when you say to another, What! you too?? I thought I was the only one.



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