Does money really can't buy happiness??


If your happiness depends upon what is happening outside of you, you are a slave to the external situation. 

The straight answer is YES it can buy happiness. let me justify the answer for you in a very simple way. first of all, you must understand the difference between money and wealth, wealth can buy you happiness but about money, I am not pretty sure. but here arise a question how come happiness could be bought and sell it never happen in the world that people are buying kilos of happiness from the market or elsewhere. so you must appreciate the fact that you must know how to spend the bucks you have so that you could be happy.

Many social experiments have shown that those people who won the lottery ended up being unhappy at the end of the day, do you wanna know why this happens??
It's because we are social beings and we get satisfaction and happiness if we share it with other and certifying this phrase many research and experiments have been held which suggest that spending money you have with those who need that piece of bucks a lot will definitely make you happy.

Tell me, something pals, I know you are in your struggling and hustling period and trying your every effort to make your life as good as you can. the main question for you is that,"why are you hustling like that, why are you coming out of your comfort zone?? and for your convenience let me tell you the bitter truth for this question, you are hustling because you want your future stunning, you don't wanna compromise your happiness in the future, you wanna gain some piece of unique identity in this huge world and the only solution which seems relevant to these wish is the ultimate wealth. if someone tells you that physical material can't but you the happiness but honestly tell me won't you be happy enough if you got the iPhone 12 pro max for which you are so much fucking excited and crazy, huh??

You are prohibiting yourself from sharing a piece of the meme on Facebook, you are stopping yourself from watching some random YoutTube videos, you are forbidding yourself from making some TikTok videos and starts reading the lame books which have nothing to do with you just because you want better future, just because you don't wanna make a compromise regarding your happiness. That's why my dear folks at the end of the day its all depend on you how you spend wealth and if you use that wisely then definitely dear pals wealth create happiness and it's an ultimate motivation for all of us to keep pushing further.

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