Is It Okay To Stay Broken??



Falling for those soulful eyes and gracious smile wasn't my fault, her irresistible and hypnotizing beauty wasn't my fault, got some special and non-stoppable feelings from deep inside my heart for someone completely unknown wasn't my fault, admiring her even if she never got the same feeling for me wasn't my fault, get that unwelcomed desire to smooch those ripe and gracile smile wasn't my fault neither having momos from the same plate just because someone lamely had said it will boost the love for each other wasn't my fault but ....but....but, pals what my fault was to, nourish her with the intensely pure love which she merely deserves, that gut to think about going against the world if it won't accept us only for her and doesn't care about the others even if the world fade away if I have her was my fault. Most importantly disregarding and neglecting her desolating ways and behaviour towards me which were slowly and gradually making a hole in my sympathetic and innocent heart was my fault.

Yeah mate because of all this messed-up shit I ended up hating and loathing myself and yes definitely I regret much more. Those late-night talks, those sweet and nibba-nibbi type text we used to send each other, those abstract and precious memories we created, this stuff just slowly and gradually wrenching my wit and I couldn't help it. Do you know how it feels like, it feels like.....its feel like the trust for humanity is extensively messed up.  It feels like the whole world is standing against me and just crushing my head. It's tremendously awful when we got hit hard reminiscing all those emotional feelings and sentiment we used to do, all those dreams we used to decorate for ourselves, those ways of consoling each other when we got angry in that small stuff like a kid. these types of heartbreaks put us in emotional freefall. It often feels like someone is constantly stabbing a sword in your mind and I am just bleeding and bleeding. I tell you guys we don't perceive the idea about how we got into the hole of depression because of the events that happen, because of the betrayal. It's like someone is pushing us into the nerve-racking and extremely deep well and we falling freely just like the asteroid falls toward the atmosphere of the earth because of the earth's gravitational pull. 

All these shit happen along with a lot of worse vibes and heart-eating memories but what we should understand is, we shouldn't stay broken, it never been okay to be broken, yeah I know it's hurt it hurts a lot but keep in mind more the pain more the gain, use that freaking pain as a motivator to keep moving to keep pushing and just achieve everything you ever wanted and make yourself proud then only that betrayal and heart-eating memories will fade away and you don't even get a subtle piece of feeling on that regards.


“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.” –Unknown

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