How could those eyes lie..huh?

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Dedicated to all the woman here on this planet.

She was chaos and beauty intertwined
A tornado of roses from divine. please help, those soulful eyes desperately shedding off the tears and can't help themselves out. The mind reminisce those sweet and bitter memories, those moments when her heart was so happy than ever and pumping more and more blood than a normal rate, those sentiments that her heart got for someone who never knows how much does her heart filled with intense love, all these stuff vehemently pops up on the mind and the limbic system tries to control all of them at once but how could those futile efforts make peace with the tsunami drawing on her mind. Then her vocal cord got helpless, her throat becomes so miserable that all those senses got numb and the disrupting waves of that Tsunami displayed through her fervent and soulful eyes. 

She cries helplessly during her periods, can't bear the pain, can't ask for help, can't explain how it feels then try not to let people know what goes on inside her head, her heart still filled with that painful stuff then how come her eyes conceal those heart-eating moments and feelings, so her eyes reveal them too...but only few could understand the cumbersome language spoken by her eyes.

She got glossy skin, slender eyelashes, velvety eyebrows, pouting and sweet lips, a dainty nose, varnished nails and a soothing voice and the day is so special. One side of her heart is vehemently happy and goes like," This is the day I always wished for." But another side of her heart is desperately cursing herself and goes like," Wish I could run far away from here at this very moment." She got the extreme fear. And the day is her wedding day. And at this very moment how could she console her eyes not to shed off the tears, not to reveal the truth you been going through from the moment you heard you are getting married and going so far from the family which she loved more than anything in this could she??

Now she is a mature woman, she has got a lovely family, a loving husband, adorable kids. she is too smiling now. But when....her kids willingly or unwillingly split off the ruthless words, when she saw her kids going against her will.....and these actions again stab on her chest she got so suicidal and miserable. Again at this very moment those eyes speak up confidently without her consent..she again shed off tears, but now those tears do not remain tears they turn into blood and again she can't herself out.

This is how she got broken, desolated and extremely suicidal and every time she got into this situation so beautifully and profoundly her eyes speak up as an advocate but sadly she had never got the justice she deserves. And her eyes, they never lied😔


"She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings." 

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