Dream that doesn't allow dreaming...😳

Dedicated to those who keep pushing no matter what happens.


"When the focus goes, energy flows" -Tony Robbins

I have been writing these trivial emotions encircling on my head and ruminating the dream which never allowed me to have a sweet sleep along with my sweetheart(pillow😉) and you are here on my blog playing with the words I have written here and asking yourself a question why the hell I am here?. even if we are doing exactly different stuff here but the expectation we have from this article is quite similar. I am writing this crap because I want to grow traffic on my blog so that I could gain some penny which definitely gonna help me on the way to my dreams and you been here eagerly reading the text expecting to grab some knowledge so that you could use to fulfil your own dream...aren't you?  So here is the question what exactly is the significance of a dream or goal. And i am very known with the fact that in your lifetime you have at least once tried to sort out the answer to the above question and got into the dilemma. so addressing your problem, I am here....guess how much I care about you😝.

Now appreciating my care towards you, ask your deep happy soul what exactly is the significance of the dream? And when you got a slight idea about it just have a deep breath and put a bit more focus on the flowing sentences I'll be using from this very moment. When you dream about something related to your future which indeed a futile imagination of ours...but even if they are just trivial imaginations, they got so hard on our mind that you put some leap steps, you made some tough decisions which you never ever imagined to make just because you got that profound essence to live that dream. You feel like the main reason you are here among some 7 billion people is to live the life of your dream and if you failed to do so then you are going to found your life so worthless....isn't it, huh??

You are hustling more and more as much as you can, you are ignoring the bullshit happening in the world, for you, that core aim got so much significance that you got the gut that you won't even care about the whole world even if it gets fade away...w..why this freaking feeling and courageous gut arise for? You are at the stage where the number of distractions is infinitesimal but y..you don't care about this. You feel better to learn one more theorem from mathematics, one more derivation from physics, one more audit form from the account, one more hemical reaction from organic chemistry, one more extremely long answer from economics,one more mind shaking set of code from java and python, one more pushup during the workout,one more page from the book you been reading, one more minute while meditating, one more MCQ you been practising...that one more, yeah that very one more got so deep into your mind you forget about that one more meme you would love to share from Facebook, that one more video you love to watch on youtube, that one more 15 seconds crap you would die for from TikTok, that one more reason you could find to end your workout, that one more distraction you can use to skip from your study, that one couple more minutes you love to sleep in the morning. 

So tell me pals why the hell you been doing this instead of just relaxing and getting high with social media...why?
Its because you don't want to compromise about the happiness, the sweet fruit which is ripening for you, the ideal life you been dreaming since you learn to speak, the beautiful ROLL ROYCE CAR you been dreaming about since you got the toy car...and a lot more and for all these things which are so important to you..you been giving up those shit which will stop you and distract you from your journey.
And mate keeps pushing...... keep pushing a bit harder... it's not enough you need one more push, one more effort...and then only the whole world show respect and care for you, then only you will feel the worthiness that's why keep going, even if the road you been chosen is less travelled but the destination which this road will lead is also less deserved.


"Don't decrease the goals, increase the efforts folks"
-Whoever you find appropriate😆

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  1. Marvellous!
    I'd like to read more of your random thoughts, though you name it random yet it seems more organized and coherent than an intellect's writing,xD

    Keep growing<333

  2. oh yr that's ultimate motivation booster wala feedback for me. keep supporting

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    1. yeah putting efforts to put this more than just up

  4. Worth reading . Would like to read more of this 💗

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    1. huss keep supporting thorough your two same comments

  6. daami xa vai .....Ajai progress gara !


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