Show Off - Enthralling lie over Misery


"You feel you arenot enough when you put your value on people that don't value you."
-oscar wilde

 Before diving into this intensely serious topic, let me ask you a question, "Have you ever tried to grab attention on social media or elsewhere just because you felt insecure and wants to feel superior and more secured through faking off the shit, pretending you are not committing anything wrong." If your answer is hell yes then mates you have caught up with some serious problem and there are merely some ways to help it out. If you ever have done this because you felt offended due to some random people's  show off  then mate it indicates that you are completely messed up,empty inside and there is ultimate essence to sort this out. so there arises a question, how to sort this out....huh?

 But...but, mate knowing answer and appreciating it would be pretty easy if you got some knowledge about why people do this sort of stuff and what they actually gain from this? We live in 21st century where people identity is merely depends on the amount of knowledge and sincerity they have.That's why you don't get judge by how much do you know, how beautiful is your inner you, how you feel about something or somebody but you get guaged by how many followers you have on Instagram, facebook,TikTok and other social platforms,what type of clothes you wear,how much body parts you show which definitely gonna persuade people to perceive you as sexy and hot, which brand bag you carry either Louis Vuitton or  Chanel or Gucci Jackie ,how many luxurious cars(Lamborghini,Porshey,Bentley,Mercedes,Ferari) do you possess,how much makeup you apply on your face,which brands smartphone(Apple,Samsung,Asus) do you use, how beautiful you seem on your Instagram photos and other bla bla bla.

Humanity is sinking day by day and its so miserable to see this beautiful and peaceful world collapsing like this. Actually we people don't deserve this planet. I feel so desperate and despair when I saw people clicking photographs while helping those needy people just to exhibit that they are so helpful. I have no idea how does they feel after doing this but i intensely feel that those needy people surely feel like more and more helpless and the faith in the humanity got badly shaken.Why...why people do this,forgot about people why we do this, have you ever asked that question to yourself. why we show off, what exactly we are trying to prove...hmmm?? Is that a sign that the humaninity inside our souls is no more alive or it just mean that our evolution is directing towards primitive again. I have got a lot to say here but i know i am going to get judged by the words i been using here and those judgment unquestionably gonna tear me apart that's why I am gonna end this article asking you the question," what did you gain from this? Can you forgive yourself for the deeds you have been doing?? can you forgive yourself can you console that innocent soul inside you who is desperately shedding off the tears..huh?? Please do ask this questions to yourself and just absorb and appreciate the answer and put forwards the efforts to make this place a better and peaceful place.

Thank you


"Ask yourself if what you are doing today is directing you closer to where you want to be tomorrow."

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