Got Vanished While Reminiscing


Are you outta your mind...huh? How could you even expect to confess your shit-like feelings in front of me, Don't you think this you just crossed your limit..huh...don't you think? the extraordinarily adorable face where smile just wanna reside for thousand of years...bullets like words came out for me and I was like...holy shit!! Is that really the girl whom I adored..huh?

yeah, dude..yeah definitely she is merciless, she is arrogant, she is defiant and undoubtedly she is extremely cold and aloof. But I know, I know those are the qualities she been exhibiting to the world in the fear she might get pitifully impair her little she residing inside her.

Wanna know how exactly little and affectionate she is?? She has got lustrous skin, velvety eyebrows with soulful eyes so deep as Mariana trench, pouting, juicy and gracile lips, a dainty and perfectly shaped nose and so soothing voice. And all these qualities she possesses are irresistible. she is absolutely amicable and her enigmatic and captivating personality always attract me like a magnet.
Sometimes I feel like she is an avatar of Urbashi who came here on the earth to travel all over the world and hypnotize me with her spell-binding beauty. And most importantly her blackspot just above those juicy lips are extremely addictive and too enigmatic.

With all these bewitching qualities and immensely charming personality with humbleness and sweet smile on a face, everybody got captivated easily and I too get freaked out. when I came closer to her, when I even accidentally touched her my whole system got crashed like the blood pressure reaches 140/90 mmHg, cellular division boosted up, the size of my pupils got extremely enlarged, the heart starts pumping at an abnormal rate, mitochondria begins to produce a high amount of ATP and every normal stimulus transport to the spinal cord because of which reflex action occurs at a high rate. I have got zero ideas why all these things happen inside me but the only thing I am well confident about is that she is marvellous.

I was getting high by a glance of her gentleness, letting my cerebellum worry about the neural system and pondering about the content I would be scribbling about my article named," she an emotion from the inner soul"....suddenly my Mumma knocked on my door and the pot filling with my imagination got vanished.

And obviously, that day was one of the most memorable days in my life when even for a while i was in another universe reminiscing and reckoning about her cute wala decency and gentleness but my bad luck that my Mumma knocked down my imagination and so sarcastically asked me to prepare tea for her😂.

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  1. You are like dictionary 😂 and the composition of words waw. You connected everything in so amazing way. Keep writing .

  2. O sir dami xa 🔥🔥🔥