She - An Emotion From Inner Soul



Falling deeply into the profound and bottomless ocean of her subtle mind and wandering those soulful eyes which decrease my heartbeat, those juicy, ripe and gracile lips which I wanted to smooch for my entire life and still feel like it's not enough, these all characteristics she possesses are irresistible. Yeah I know folks you are wondering how come a person can be that much adorable, it seems perfect and we know nothing is perfect and it's impossible to see someone like that but dear pals I wanna tell you that if you wanna experience same sort of stuff then not only try to see her but put forward the efforts to feel her, perceive her and try to reach her inner deep soul then believe me mate you are going to experience the stuff which will seriously amaze you. And keep in mind her beauty ultimately depends on how you perceive it.

Yeah, bro yeah she is as adorable, she is beautiful, she is stunning, she is know what I mean. Here is sad news " she never been mine." Although my heart didn't want to admit this fact, it just miserably cries every night and asks me the answer where is she and do you know what I reply? Nothing I just get speechless and hopeless at that instance still  I admire her. Although my circumstances, my ways, my state of mind, my fate didn't favour to put her in my arms and just forgot the rest of the world, just sleep in her arms and don't even care even if the world fade away even though I choose to appreciate the way she is and it just provided me with an unwanted hole of depression and the dark world where everything is messed up just like my heart. And i just keep falling without a single piece of hope.

Unquestionably, Yes dear I loved her and yeah that's why I needed her too. But what a debatable question is that what's your perspective about loving someone. For me loving someone means nourishing, caring, respecting, appreciating and praying for their good rather than put forward the efforts to make her your permanent.  Some people will tell you, "forgot about her bro you deserve better but I have no idea encircling on my mind to make them understand that there is none better than her look, soul and beauty which I got a chance to have a glance at. And at that situation I got so helpless, many negative thoughts start circling on my mind just like a vulture circling the piece of decaying meat on an absolutely alone and deserted place.

We are living in the 21st century where science had got an answer to many of the questions which seemed impossible to answer at some stage of the world. So regarding love science had got its own answer, "it states that more or less love is a chemical and hormonal change inside the brain of the person". But here I got a completely different perspective and according to me, love is not a subject matter to get researched or studied rather its a stuff that need to feel intensely and just live at that very moment.

Needless to say but I found someone to whom my soul loves profoundly, that someone was"SHE" and I am in love with her and with every passing day I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with her but reminiscing the fact that she didn't felt the same way, hearts start bombarding those memories and instances when I felt that nothing gonna tear up apart. that's why sometimes I stay silent in a lonely state because at that state those futile words can't explain what the hell is going on in my mind. Still, I feel amazed why the love and care remain constant after all these heart-eating moments and all those memories which tore apart my heart, why my body wants that "aavash" from those palms which tore my innocent mind, why my eyes still saw the innocence in her soulful eyes, why my mind never stop diving to those eyes, why all these stuff happen. why? why? why this happen...huh? Maybe it's because you are too good at getting hurt, too soft-hearted, too innocent, too honest, too good at repeating your mistake, or maybe those people don't deserve the way you are...maybe.

So after all these oceanic waves offered by the tsunami of my heart, I felt like the decision whether to forget her or not is not remain a choice for me rather than its take a grand structure of compulsion and I came to know that even if the memories are good or bad those memories, they hurt like a wound and couldn't help this out. Why this happens to me??.. why I can't have a person whom I wanted a lot whom I loved a lot entirely from my mind?? these questions arise in mind we even wanna end our life because of this, we got so weak during this stage we don't even have the courage to live a life at this period just remember, you the only thing you can do is just control your feelings and controlling other never been the quality of a human being.

So move on with all those memories and whenever you feel out of control just stay alone and reminisce those emotions that you got during those periods and pray for her happiness cause your ultimate goal was to have her and provide her with all the happiness she couldn't even imagine.


"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they are all yours and if they didn't, they never were."

-lord krishna

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