"AAMA" The Purest Emotion


"AAMA" for any individual around the globe is not only a noun rather than the purest emotion.No matter human or animals,mother is mother that's why its called, "your heaven lies underneath the feet of your mother."

"AAMA" can be regarded as the purest form of worldly emotion. She sacrifices each and every dream she ever had just to see the smile on your face, and in case you don't know be familiar with the fact that she knows everything about you. Yeah, of course, there is a certain scientific reason behind this(scientist claim that the bond between the child and her mom is because of oxytocin hormone secreted by mother) but I feel like the exceptional love from our mothers come involuntarily.

Here trying to write about the unconditional love from aama I am getting so much emotional and so freaking psycho cause my heart is all filled with the love for my mom but the words to describe these intense emotions are denying to get out of my mind. Dear lads, when you are out of the home, have you ever got hit so freaking hard by missing that "sinki ko tarkari" prepared by your mom which you eat by saying,"jahiley ehi sinki pakaunuhunxa kasto😒." Have you ever felt sad deep inside even if you are surrounded by the turbulent noise of a crowd but still feel very desolate😣 only because you are not in the lap of your mom?? There are other lots of same kinda instances where you utmostly feel fooking secluded.

We all know our effort is just a cliche if we try to express the care and love of our mothers through some worthless words but in my opinions, I felt like I can express some of the desperately despairing moments of our life when we completely fall for materialistic stuff and forgot the fact that an even a  gift on mother day can't even express the utmost love for our mother. We got deluded on searching all over the internet," BEST GIFT FOR MOTHER IN MOTHER DAY","BEST CAPTIONS FOR MOTHER DAYS", BEST CLUB TO CELEBRATE MOTHER DAY","BEST SONG TO SING IN MOTHER DAY", we even search the photo of ours with our mom on either bin or the archaic folder in our gallery which we rarely clicked to post in our Facebook wall, just to show how much you love your mom. But earnestly tell me pals did you ever asked her what she really wants on mother's day or her birthday other than celebrating it in a lame manner, have you ever hugged your mom when you feel so sad, huh mofos, huh have you ever??? Nah dears Nah you haven't done like that and even if you have done that then it's because you wanted to look unique on the herd our your friends that's all. After publishing this article on my blog I know a lot of people are going to get offended, even going to report my blog account but dear that's not going to change the heartbreaking reality.

So ceasing the flow of words that came up while  scribbling about "AAMA"  I wanna tell you, my fella, that faking up the party on the mother day, posting her pic on your "INSTAGRAM" wall, searching for BEST GIFT FOR MOTHER DAY, searching for quotes about mother love ain't gonna prove anything neither gonna fill up the lack of love by the mother from her child, so its better dear folks to start to show some respect towards your mother, appreciate her efforts and start hustling to see the happiness on the face and heart of your "AAMA." 

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"Never complain about the things your parents, couldn't provide you"

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