What's the cost of caring about other opinions??

Before I dive into how to stop caring what other people think about you, make sure you love yourself desperately. Do you know why you care about what others think?? Its because you're not a psychopath or an alien and caring what other people think about you is what makes you a good social being in your tribe. Can you imagine a world where a child gets cancer and you don't fucking care, that your mom gets hit by a bus and you're like,  "not my problem, man I don't give fuck about anybody" 

Now what exactly our question is, "How do I stop caring what other people think?" But that not the actual question it can be simplified into this.....

" How do I better manage what other people think? Now that's the real fooking question.

As compared to other mammals we are so weak and absurd but what makes us superior being on the earth is our super-duper intelligence and socializing feature. And believe me, that's our evolutionary superpower. You must have to admit the fact that sociability is literally ingrained throughout our trillions of neurons.

The real problem came up here because social dependency,  being highly concerned with what the people around you think, it's a completely natural part of the human condition. Everybody experiences it to a certain extent, and everybody has to learn how to cope with it. 

craving for social validation is also another traits of human beings which is emerging as a serious problem on this concern. Seeking attention,caring about those who don't even wants you in their life,impress people who don't even care whether you live or die are other problems and also natural traits which will engulf you . But what's good news is that you can change  which people you seek that validation from. You can decide who are the people you want to impress, who are the people worth impressing?

The harsh truth of the day is that if you care too much what other people think, it's probably because you don't have something more important to care about. 

What should be our next step??

Now, that's an extreme example but the same principle plays out throughout life. So having something more important than care about that shit could be another impressing solution for not giving shit to anybody.You will stop caring what other people think about you when you have something more important to care about, when you have something worth being embarrassed over, when you have something worth being ridiculed for, when you believe in something so intensely and it's so important that if you're willing to lose friends or the respect of your neighbors, that's when you stop caring what other people think.

In this way my dear folks you could gain the control over your emotion and lead towards the fucking fantastic and stunning life onwards.

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