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The man who got purest love for me.


The relation between the person who click these pictures and me is never-ending.

It is an undeniable fact that I have been an introvert who hates socializing, wants to apply more common sense rather than hanging on the emotion and always tried to remain aloof. and because of such unacceptable quality I possess there are a few people who gotta real love and care for me. yeah, it's true our parents love us no matter how weird we are but I am gonna admit the fact that not all stuff , we gonna share to with our parents, so apparently, we need someone who truly wanna listen to our stuff and bullshit and still loves us regardless of our flaws.

I am craving these words here about the person who gotta huge respect from me and from whom I got a lot of love, care and inspiration. and if you are amazed who is that person actually then wait for a while I am going to kill the suspense I been putting on your mind.

Actually, I am talking about my sachin dai, and telling you the truth above picture was also clicked by him.i been with him for a decade and know him from my childhood but never hit by the fact that how much he cares about me.

It was the night when I was with him and we were heading towards the house of his folk, and at that moment he told me something so heart-eating that completely changed the perspective of how I have taken him and stuff I used to think about him. he told me that I am the most loved brother of him and he loves me soo much. i don't know whether this sentence will amaze you or not but I swear up to till then nobody has said such stuff to me and nobody has been so confessing with me. so because of the stuff, he said to me, the love for him emerged from my heart voraciously and started to think about him. I am not kidding but I am telling you, people, that nowadays if I got into any sort of problems then I just chill thinking that if anything goes against my circumstances then my sachin dai will definitely get me out of that shit.

and that's the trust I have for him and honestly, I love him soo much.

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