The deep meanings resides inside the songs of XXXTENTACION

if you have been through a bad time, if you are like a broken soul if you love loneliness and loneliness craves for you, if you got a different perspective regarding life which are even unacceptable in society and if you are searching for the beats and the songs which will truly address your conditions, hits you differently, and gives you goosebumps then my dear pals, I got a piece of very good news for you.

Jahseh Onfroy aka XXXTENTACION-this man is a true legend and his songs are like..... wow type. every emotion which will hit you so hard and every feeling which will try to broke you apart are addressed in his songs. because of certain circumstances he is not among us but believe me folks he had left his diamond-like songs which will truly be going to help you through your bad time.

 I am confidently writing this because I been through same sort of circumstances and his songs truly helped me a lot. with the headphones on your head, and the songs like changes and hope are going to even make you cry but believe me pals these stuff are also going to help you a lot. when you got addicted to his beats then most probably you gonna come here and thanks me. I have no such words through which I could tell you how much you are going to love his songs and this man.

Some of the lovely beats I would recommend you to listen to and understand the lyrics are changes, Jocelyn Flores, sad, everybody dies in a nightmare, I don't wanna do this anymore, I speak to the devil in Miami, guardian angel, whoa etc.

So guys if you been through this blog then please at least try once to understand the songs from him.
thank you.

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