Another loner

 his happen when anger and love commingled with a half-spoon of frustrationšŸ™ƒšŸ¤Ž

okay I admit the fact that,I am just another loner with a lot of unexplainable piece of emotions completely numbed by the cold,ruthless medication of wind. Yeah I am numbed,and I am not going to blame anyone for what typo person I have been lately. But do you want, I was never really prepared for that avalanche,yeah I wasn’t. That avalanche,disastrous one completely swept away those expectations and those endless care-love sentiments I do used to have.

I won’t even ask you to explain what did you actually gained from that avalanche which you bursted ruthlessly to the loosely built and gradually sewing up glacier filled with those endless “icaredaboutyou” stuff.

But I want...oh,nah...I eagerly want you to ask,was that really you or that very monster you been feeding with all my warmth,affection,amiability instead of healing your own scars….oh sorry I forgot,i faked those scars too….didn’t you?

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