feel betrayed and robbed ruthlessly... i told ya,i told ya multiple time that," i literally gave everything to you" to which i didn't mean those gifts,those hi and hello texts,those butterflies on your belly. all those part of me which were destined to stay hideous,even those stuff got unboxed just for you,now tell me one thing,,,does that even make any sense to you...huh? my bruises,my insecurities,my flood of tears to which you acted as dam for sometime...everything...or let's say all of me..i gave you all of me without a second thought....and what did you did to me??

 left me reckless,insecure,betrayed,depressed,lonely,downhearted...left my soul impaired. is that true ki, "you want me to be miserable,my life to be vulnerable" is that so..huh? If so then let me tell you,,yeah god heard your prayer,,yeah just like you wished my life got fucked up..its miserable,i got that what you want huh?? okay then,now stay elated..😗 -ocean and waves(Vivek M. Poudel)

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